Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

 We went to Studt's Patch again this year, although BayLea really wanted to try the Moon Farm Patch. Next year will be her pick! We still have fun here, even though we've been here many many times.
 This year, though, it was cheaper because we didn't need to buy a pumpkin! We had three we grew ourselves this year!
 This big bouncy thing is great fun. So hilarious! And it feels so funny to bounce on when you're an adult!

 Jery kept trying to get a picture of us without all those other danged kids in the background...don't they know when we are trying to a photo?????

 Great big slide!
 And the corn maze. It was fun this year because they had a texting number you used to get clues on which way to go next. We still got lost, but I think that maybe people were hiding and/or changing the signs.
 I told BayLea to run like she was terrified.
 And all that runnin' turned her into a doofus!!! LOL

 BIG honkin' horse.
 And back to the bouncy thing.

Bay and I love love love love love this one! It was her idea for me to take this shot!

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