Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mexico Again! Part 1

 This is the day we got there. All my photos are out of order because some are with my big camera, some are with my point and shoot and some are with my phone! Sorry 'bout that!
 This little floaty thing that Breccan is carrying was super fun. It was easy to get on (unlike some of those blow up floaties) and we used it a lot, in both the pool and the ocean!
 The first two days, the ocean was so flat, no waves, and SUPER warm. I loved it!!!!

 Ya gotta make sure you're sun screened up!
 Jack absolutely wouldn't go in the water, except for one time when Mimi went in. He didn't want her in there at all and kept swimming out to her, barking, swimming back, looking to see if she was coming, going back out there, barking, swimming off, checking...over and over. He didn't head out into the ocean for anyone else.

 Mimi is cooking us up some fantastic shrimp. Her arthritis keeps her from standing very long, so I pulled a chair up for her.
 It was beyond yummy! Better than any shrimp we paid to eat in restaurants where they over cook EVERY SHRIMP dish I got. here we are going into Mexico...told you they were out of order! I love love love love love the cactus. Ocotillo cactus and saguaro seen here.

 The view from Mimi and Pa's front door.
 And here we are going into mexico!

 Dinner out at the Point.

 The view was pretty and I got the best shrimp cocktail here!

 Just a wee bit of a tasting of wine. Fancy Pants Wine, in my Fancy Pants cup! :)
 Pa singing. Love to hear him. So do others. He played one evening, just quietly playing and singing, mostly for his own enjoyment, and before long there was a group behind him listening. He had no idea; he can't hear any more!

 This blow up kayak was left in the villa (every thing these people had there was left there). It was hard to use...mostly because Jery has a bad back and there wasn't a lot of support for his back (plus I don't think they blew it up quite all the way).

 But I got great pictures!!!! I love these!

 These were pretty good tacos. Have no idea what was in it! :) But they were only $3 a plate, and we got two tacos per plate!

 BayLea has been wanting octopus and we couldn't find one, except for super expensive ones at the market. We finally got a frozen one at Ley's grocery store. She boiled it in garlic water...

...and pretty much ate the entire thing!

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