Monday, June 30, 2014

Phoenix 2014

We went to the Challenger Museum of Space. We had high hopes for it, but it wasn't as awesome as we expected it to be.  My kids weren't focused on learning anything, and just wanted to run and play with Aaron and Lacey. And there wasn't anything hands on, like we expected.

 Playing in the pool.

 We like to watch Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey. This restaurant was on it. It show cased some crazy owners who didn't listen to anyone and who were rude to customers. BayLea was DYING to try it out. We expected some sort of a show, but the owners were very very nice. We did see a bit of an attitude from the husband, who noticed that I didn't have a spoon for my creme brûlée, and mentioned how he was the only one who could do things right, but other than that, our meal was very good (granted though, we didn't order anything that had been complained about on the show...we had spaghetti, and fettucini alfredo. Both excellent.) Amy chatted with BayLea about her necklace (her manatee necklace) and talked about how they are real animal lovers.

Our desserts were incredible.

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