Monday, September 1, 2008

Dad's Birthday--67 years young!

And yes, most of the time he acts WAY younger than his age! You'd never guess either of my parents are 67. They are both 67 going on 21 I think! Anyway, Dad celebrated his birthday Sunday. We started out with a little mini-family birthday party. BayLea painted these birds at school and wanted to give them to Pa for his birthday.
My mom...beautiful person! Inside and out.

We got Pa a cup that has a picture of his hand playing the guitar. It's a cool picture.
Mom got Dad a Garmin GPS so he won't get lost! And some overalls to work in at their new house/farm!
I just love this picture of Breccan looking at Pa's little cake.
Then all of dad's music buddies started showing up. We had a yummy dinner and then the guys played music.
BayLea, Breccan, Taryn, and Joey, Chris' kids, played really well together and they spent some time in the hot tub.

Great Pa and Breccan...I love this picture.

This is Doug Lenard, a music buddy of dad's. Dad loves the CD that Doug made.
And of course this is the best musician in the house. My Dad. He is so totally talented and I love to listen to him. The music was awesome last night...when all 5 guys were playing and harmonizing together, it was great!
My great Aunt Tuddy and Uncle Cal.
My beautiful cousin Bobbi.
My serious and dark hubby!
And then Bobbi had a little too much to drink. We kept telling her to slow down a little bit!!!! Ha ha, no I don't think Bobbi had anything to drink all night except lemonade.
Yvonne wanted all the guys to stand up with their guitars because it is so hard to get a decent shot of all of them at the same time when they're playing. There's always someone with their back to the camera. Good idea Yvonne.
Breccan was enjoying himself.

Chris Rowland, a seriously talented guitar player. He's 30-something going on 18. Truly! I mean it!
Bob Evers has played music with dad for around 40 years.
Gettin' some pickin' lessons from Chris.

It was a fun day. Wish I could've stayed longer, but with two little kids who needed to go to bed (they are CRABBY today!) we had to leave! Happy birthday, Dad!

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