Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven years ago today...

Where were you? It is now 6:30 a.m. and in NYC it is 8:30...I don't remember the exact times the towers were hit, but I know it's just about now. It's funny that I can remember just exactly where we were when we got the news. I used to think it strange that people could remember exactly where they were when JFK was shot, but I understand now.

The night before, September 10, the Broncos played Monday night football. My mom and dad, Taylor and Catie had come to our house to watch the game. Catie was just a litte thing, maybe two? and she fell asleep at our house. We decided to let her spend the night.

The next morning, we didn't turn the TV on (we didn't really do that in the mornings then) so we didn't hear anything until we were on our way to work. We were driving past the Duck Pond Park (we were in one vehicle for some reason so I was taking Jery to work and Catie back to mom and dad's house) when vaguely on the news we heard something about a plane hitting a building, and President Bush with his very distinct, nasaly voice saying something about "We won't stand for this." Jery and I immediately began to make fun of Bush, because that's what we did with his voice! So I dropped Jery off at the liquor store, and headed to mom and dad's to take Catie back. As I drove out of the parking lot at the store, I again heard something about the building being hit, and possibly another hit. I began to listen...

As I drove the couple miles to mom and dad's, the true sense of what was happening hit me. Complete shock on my part. I got to mom and dad's, got Catie out of the truck, and went into their house. Dad was reading the paper; mom was refilling her coffee cup. No TV. I said, "You're not watching the TV? All hell's breaking loose!" Dad said, "What?" and clicked on the TV. At that moment the first tower fell. We sat there in SHOCK.

I was a little late for work that day, but since I was teaching at Rocky Mountain, and we had TVs in our rooms, hooked to cable, we watched that with the sound off all day.

For me, even now, I'm still sad, and a little pissed off about it all. Jery and I have been to Ground Zero two times since that day. The little church across the street from where the towers stood is now a place for remembering. It amazes me that this little church had no damage to it! There's a place for me that brings out the emotion, besides the pissed off emotion. The first time we visited, they were selling books about that day. I told Jery, "We should buy one of these. Some day BayLea will be studying this in school." and I burst into tears...

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