Saturday, September 27, 2008

A night at the Cabin on Grand Mesa

We thought we'd get away for a weekend before the weather got too cold! We rented a cabin on the Mesa for two nights. Well, the plan didn't go as planned. The morning we were to leave, I had a stomach flu bug and BayLea had a stomach bug. But we went anyway. We didn't feel great, but we were able to enjoy the evening somewhat.

But our cabin was soooooo small, with only a double bed and a pull out twin. That night was pretty miserable. The kids wouldn't go to sleep together on the pull out twin, so Jery moved over there with Breccan and I slept with BayLea in the double. The pull out was totally uncomfortable and Jery was miserable. AND he woke up in the night with the bug we had! The next day was not a whole lot better. We suffered through most of the day at the cabin, but decided we didn't feel like sleeping there again in a cabin that was too small and in uncomfortable beds. So we packed it up and went home for Saturday night. We finished up our 'cabin experience' that evening at home with steak and veggie foil packets and marshmallows over a fire here.

Breccan caught his first fish...they were so excited!

They are so darned cute!

The kids had hot cocoa in the morning. Breccan called it his "poffee".

One more little fishing excursion.
The flowers BayLea picked for me.

That's our cabin...way tiny!
The colors on the way down the mountain.
The foil packets we had at our little campfire at home.

Marshmallows before bedtime! Yippee!

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