Friday, May 30, 2008

Ballet and a Boy With his Cars

Ballet has become a love of BayLea's...she really does a good job of it! She has a recital coming up on June 7th...she has two of at 2:00 and one at 7:00. Full makeup, hair in a bun (kind of hard when she only has about 12 strands of hair), cute costume! I think the rules are a little strict for a child this age, but oh well. I'm thinking it's probably not too different at the other studios in town, although I may look around next year. This weekend, the plan is to take some picture of her in her costume.

Breccan loves all things cars. He loves his Cars t-shirt, his Cars crocs, his toy cars, and above ALL ELSE, he loves the movie, Cars. I've never seen the entire movie...every time I sit down to watch it with him, a new part I haven't seen is on. Just the other day, I saw the part where the car LOOKS LIKE Jay Leno!!! Amazing what they can do with computers! Anyway, I really liked the way Breccan was lining up his cars on this day. It was the first time I'd seen him do that!

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