Thursday, May 22, 2008

Swim Trip to Ouray, Colorado

We headed to Ouray for an overnight trip. This is one of the truly most beautiful places ever. A tiny little town tucked between mountains. Most of my scenic pictures aren't the greatest because I took them as we drove down the highway!

The evening we got there we walked down Main to dinner. I think we ate at the Coachlight, but I can't ever remember the name. It was good food and it was loud enough to take in two loud kids!

I think this picture is funny. Look at how they're both posing...It's almost identical!

BayLea let me have a nice picture of the two of us if I would make a face like in the next one. I'm not sure why I have that goofy smile on when all she wanted was crossed eyes. I'm not sure if I have any more teeth I can show...

And here is Breccan and Jery's goofy faces...two peas in a pod!

And now we're at the pool...Breccan and BayLea are both water lovers.

Cousin Leah is great with the kids. Ethan and Jason went with us to the pool but by the time I got my camera out, they had headed downtown to walk around.

This is the view from the pool. Stunningly beautiful, isn't it?

"No, I won't look at mommy!" This is Breccan's typical response to me saying "Hey, Breccan, look at mommy!"
Below are a couple more images of the area around Ouray. I'm not the best scenic photographer...I don't want to work to get the shot. It has to be from where ever I might be standing at the time I want a shot. Or in the case of the first one, from the car as we drove into town!

Yes, the town tilts like this. My camera was level!
We really had a nice time. We've decided that when we stay in a hotel, we're not even going to TRY to get the kids to bed on time. Whenever we're ready we'll all go to bed. Otherwise, it's just a huge fight.

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