Friday, May 9, 2008

BayLea rocked her t-ball game!

Okay, don't be scared...there's a lot of images to follow! BayLea played t-ball tonight, and she did sooooo good! She hasn't been real big on the whole deal, but tonight, she ran after all the balls that came near her (even though she only got one or two...she isn't too aggressive and if someone else got there first, she just turned around and went back to her spot), she hit the ball by actually swinging at the tee, and she ran FAST around the bases, rather than the skip hop ballet step she was doing! I was so proud of her!
She's getting a little beginning of the game tips from daddy!

She's after a ball!
This picture is a funky color because it actually was BLACK when I took it. I totally underexposed it, and I loved the way she is in it and so I lightened, lightened, lightened!

Are they almost done batting yet, daddy?

She got the ball!!!

She gets to throw to first base!

I love the way her hair is flying out and the look on her face!

A little reminder of which way first base was!

Look at how fast she ran...she even has some blur going on!

And she hit home plate! I was just really proud of her. She really has changed since that first week when she didn't want to play and didn't have any idea of how to play. She's learned a lot and became a lot more confident!

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