Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mom and Dad's house...

Mom and dad are getting ready to move in...or I guess they've about gotten half moved in. It's been a little hard for mom; she's feeling a little depressed. They've lived at their other house for 40 years now, so I'm assuming it would be hard.

There's lots tile and mom made the comment when I was there with the kids today that it sure was echo-y. They'll have to get themselves a few throw rugs.

I loved the shadows of these flowers.
The lights in the kitchen and dining room area.The view from the dining room area towards the front room.

The front door from the inside of the house.
The front room.

The entry way...
The front of the house.
The front deck with the Mesa in the background.
The game room in Raiders colors.
From their bedroom into their bathroom suite.


  1. There new home is gorgeous!!!
    I absolutely love it.


  2. It's beautiful. Why did they decide to move?

  3. What a beautiful home. It would be hard to leave the memories behind from the other house but dang, the luxury of the new one would certainly be fun to get used to!