Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tennis Lessons for BayLea

BayLea started tennis lessons a couple weeks ago. Dad got free lessons with a package of stuff he was bidding on (he thought he was bidding on a compressor, but actually it was tennis lessons, 50 2009 planners, a logo design...which I need to call about...and a movers job...which came in handy!). Monday I took these pictures, and although she gets a little silly with Darius, her coach, she's actually learned quite a lot. She is hitting the ball pretty well, when she wants to. I was pleasantly surprised. It almost seems like everything she gets in to, she does well in. I don't know if we'll continue with lessons once these are done, but it was definitely great exposure for her.

There was one afternoon that Darius let Breccan play too. That had to have been the funniest thing we'd ever seen. Mom and Dad, Jery and I were there watching and laughed like crazy. He was so funny, because he'd try to hit the ball, and if he missed, he'd kick it and then chase it, and kick it again. He'd get that classic 'Breccan look' on his face...that 'scrunched up, I'm gonna get that ball' that he's perfected so well these days. But on this day, he didn't play, but he helped to pick up balls that were all over. He had a good time I think.

This little activity with the standing up rackets was an exercise to teach BayLea the overhand hit. She was supposed to run up to the net, with ball in hand, and try to use her racket to hit the ball and knock over the rackets (there were three). She did okay, although she just wanted to throw the ball at them. Breccan found those rackets standing like that totally fascinating!

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