Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

What a busy, fun day. And GREAT food! Josh made a brined turkey and it was fabulous! Everything was so good! And everyone pitched in to help in some way. This is Aunt Tuddy working on the turkey bones, and Jennifer and Taylor.
Jason and his girlfriend, Jennnifer. Yes, there are two Jennifers.
My dear husband!
Catie is very photogenic.

Jennifer dyed Taylor's hair blue. Taylor loves it. I think it's okay; not really my thing. They tried to get me to do it. No way! Totally not me!
Jennifer is very good with my kiddos.
Me and Jery. We hardly ever have pictures of us taken!
BayLea and Breccan sharing the beater from the whipped cream. Don't they just look like they love each other so much and like to share so sweetly. HA! Okay, so I know they love each other, but sometimes it just doesn't seem like it. We had to make them share like this so their photographer mother could take a picture.

Jennifer doesn't like to have her pictures taken, but I'm not sure why, because she's very photogenic.
And so is Jason.
This is my very tired boy having a little fit. Aren't I terrible, taking pictures of them when they have fits? I think it's funny. He is currently having a fit because we wouldn't dip the beater back into the bowl of whipped cream so that he can lick it.
And this is the pie Aunt Tuddy made. Breccan smooshed it with his hands. Luckily the saran wrap was still on it at the time.
Aunt Tuddy and Uncle Cal being cuddly!!! Check out the knife!
BayLea and her olives. She's decided she likes olives lately, but first she must put them on her fingers! All kids do this at some point don't they?
Pa and Aunt Tuddy during dinner.
Jennifer telling a story.
Taylor and Mimi laughing.
We had to have two tables. This was our table. I got the fun of sitting with my children and trying to get them to eat something...anything. I didn't care. Just to put a few morsels in their stomach!
Oh, but they'll eat dessert. Just not the healthy part of the meal!
Taylor and Uncle playing chess. Taylor is a pretty good chess player! It's a game I've never learned!
Jason snapped this picture, obviously when I wasn't expecting a picture to be taken, hence the natural smile showing ALL of my gums. I like it of me! I hardly ever like my pictures!
And I think this one of Taylor is gorgeous! I also have one in black and white that I also LOVE!


  1. Yep, I've got pictures of the olive thing, too.

  2. A great bunch of photos capturing what looks like a really fun, family day!