Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve

It's almost Turkey day! We're all out at Mom and Dad's new house. It'll be us, Jason, Josh and his girlfriend and his girls, Mom and Dad, and Aunt Tuddy and Uncle Cal. Should be a busy, loud time! Josh has taught his girls to play poker. They do pretty darned well. It's just not a game I've ever enjoyed for some reason, and I enjoy games!
Mimi is helping Breccan with his keys. He obsesses about keys!
It's nice to see BayLea getting to know Taylor and Catie.
For some reason Breccan wouldn't let Uncle Josh take our picture. So here I am looking like a dork! Thank goodness for photoshop to get some of my old lady wrinkles out!
Mom breaking in her kitchen!
A seriously flash filled picture.

Dad and the boys cleaned out the attic at the old house. Josh found a 1944 joke book. The jokes were pretty lame, and Josh got a huge kick out of how lame they were. This is him showing us how funny the joke was that he just read!
Breccan drinking chocolate milk, his newest craving.

We got a new game, called Hit or Miss. It's pretty fun. My kids are too little to play but the rest of the kids in the family will enjoy this game. They're old enough to play.
Big ol' Uncle squoosh.

Boy, my little boy loves his Pa. He wouldn't let Uncle Josh take a picture of me and him, but he'd let me take a picture of him and his Pa, whom he now call Grandpa.

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