Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My baby girl is going to preschool!

I can't believe my baby girl is starting preschool! She's growing up so fast. I think she's really excited about this new adventure. I'm excited for her. I'm kind of in shock that she's already this age, but I'm excited she's going to be at the New Emerson preschoolThese are BayLea's teachers. Miss Joy is on the left and Miss Brandi is on the right. I think BayLea likes her teachers already. Today was her 'assessment' day, which I think was mostly a getting to know each other time. I think they probably did a little assessing, but the main goal was to get to know each other.

So tomorrow at 12:15, BayLea is official in preschool. She's already so darn smart, I think she's going to be so ready for kindergarten next year. She's going to learn a lot!

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