Friday, August 1, 2008

NYC Day 3

Day three took us uptown...Central park, Harlem, etc.
I don't know what this building is...just more fancy *ss apartments for the rich and famous...
Central Park though was amazing. I loved it. All these cool places to take pictures! But this first picture is taken as we drove by the park cuz now we're in Harlem!
This guy brought up COLD water for $1.00 in downtown Harlem.
The Apollo theater where many black entertainers performed.
Now we're really in Central park. This was the walk up to the castle. The castle was originally designed to be worn down and decayed looking. It was in the plan of the two people who planned the park. So I guess they left off the doors and windows. They've since been put on probably because during the 70s and 80s the place became a place to hang out and sell drugs.
This is the Turtle Pond that you see from the castle balcony. Not sure why it's so slimy and green. Kinda gross though!
The castle as it look before restoration.
The castle today...
The view from the castle balcony.

Okay, don't know who this was, but they sure were filming I decided I should have picture. Maybe he's famous and I don't know it??? I'm guessing that it has something to do with pants, because they kept filming him from his face down his left leg to his foot.
Me posing in front of a walkway in the park. Don't I look like a doofus. I rarely have my picture taken and I never know how to stand. And then it takes Jery soooooo long to actually snap the picture that I become more and more uncomfortable looking. But I wanted to have some pictoral documentation that I was actually IN New York with Jery so I asked him periodically to take my picture: doofus looking or not. Plus, it's painfully obvious that I need to lose a few pounds!
I love these pictures of us in the Rambles...little pathways through the park. You'd never know you're in the middle of a HUGE city here...except that you can still hear some car noises!
Jery resting his leg.
Another cool little spot.
Jery and a big rock...Jery is in green! Hee hee!
The boat house is where we finally ended up. We were hungry and hot and thought we'd grab a bit in the restaurant...
this is the view I got when I walked in to inquire about eating. Of course, we didn't have a reservation and so they were booked until midafternoon.
So we sat in the little bar outside and had a drink, and looked at the place. The next time we go, we plan to spend at least a day at the park. We'll be taking our kids the next time and it'll be perfect. And then we'll eat here! We'll have reservations!!
Okay, after walking so much through the park and being hot and tired, and with Jery's leg hurting, we paid some kid to pedal us the rest of the way to our next bus tour bus stop.
Come back later for more... :)

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