Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Weekend Getaway to Almont

This weekend we went away for the night to Almont, near Crested Butte. We stayed at the Lost River Cabins. We had a great time, although it was way too short! We wanted to stay Friday and Saturday, but Friday was all booked. Our cabin was on the old side, with a VERY short ceiling in the kitchen that I managed to NOT bonk my head on, but Jery got himself pretty good. It slept six, with two twin beds in the balcony. I wouldn't let the kids sleep up there, (and I know they wouldn't have anyway...) because I was afraid they'd wake up in the night and try to come downstairs...and those stairs were STEEP and vertical! This is BayLea sitting on the balcony.
The kids putting their feet in the river.
And I just love pictures of my kids walking along with their daddy!
The front of the cabin.

The flowers were gorgeous. Be aware that there are LOTS of pictures of BayLea with flowers in this post!

We had steak, potatoes, green peppers, onions and mushrooms in foil bags for dinner, and then we had s'mores. The kids ate most of one, but neither finished it.

Jery tried a little fishing in the evening. The kids watched, and played.

This one of BayLea and the next two are actually from later the next day. We drove over Kebbler Pass on our way home and we stopped to take pictures a couple places, and we stopped at Lost Lake and made a little fire to roast hotdogs. But these pictures are out of order in the big scheme of things in this blog post! Sorry.

Okay, here we are back at Lost Canyon...Jery and the kids are fishing now. Poor Jery, he worked pretty hard trying to keep the kids' poles from totally tangling up in the creek!

I think this is so cute of Breccan, watching his pole so closely!

They had a couple nibbles, but no bites unfortunately.
So we're back on Kebbler Pass now. The flowers were abundant, and our little campsite/picnic area was nice. We definitely would like to go back here some day and camp. It's totally beautiful!

Jery showed the kids how to toss the log. Breccan couldn't get the hang of it, because in this picture the log actually plopped right down on his head!
Jery put this hotdog on the stick, gave it to Breccan, assuming he would know it needed to be cooked over the coals. Obviously Breccan didn't get that concept because he started eating it right away, and from the side, no less. He doesn't quite get the hotdog eating thing that you eat it from the end. He eats it like he would a sandwich. And of course, a few more marshmallows! just to add a little more sugar to the weekend!
I loved my little weekend away with my little family. I have to start back to work tomorrow. This was a nice ending to the very quick summer!

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