Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sparks Family Mini-reunion!

So, Grandma was in town these last couple weeks and luckily Camilla was also here for a wedding, AND Jarod was able to come down for a few days. So we got to have a little mini-family reunion. Everyone came to our house, which was perfect, for us anyway!! We had hamburgers, brats, beans and potato salad. Everything was VERY yummy! I think I got some great pics...although I didn't get a few people who were here. Sorry about that, Jamie, Tina (I had one of you, but you were talking and I didn't think you'd like me anymore if I put it on there!), Lynette, Jody and Dana, and even BayLea is missing in action, except in the group pic.
Breccan got hold of my little camera and snapped away! We have lots of pictures of legs and sky.
Little Dani is soooo cute! I had been thinking she had dark hair, so I was surprised to see blond!

Camilla's fiancee, Paul, is a very nice young man!!! You did good, Cam! Breccan loved Paul, as well as all the other young men here tonight!

We didn't see a lot of Bella, she was playing with the toys!

Goofy Camilla!
They look and act very happy!

Grandma drinking up a storm!!! Just kidding...she hardly drinks anything anymore. Luckily none of the others of us drink either. :)

The Sparks family cousins...except Aaron, Lacey and Chad!
An awesome picture of Jerod...
and a great one of Camilla! I love both of these pictures!

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