Thursday, October 2, 2008

Air Show...a.k.a Blue Angels!

The air show happened last weekend! We took the kids Sunday. It was truly amazing, even though it was so hot! Look at the kids'! Just from heat. All the planes were really cool, but I really loved, and have always loved, the Blue Angels.

The above three photos were of three different planes...the small one was from WWII. The three flew in different formations with the little one in between and on each side. At the end of their demonstration, the two big ones rolled away and the smaller one continued forward. There was some sort of meaning to it all, but I missed what the announcer was saying.
There was a helicopter, not this one, that went almost vertically upward, nose first, and then leveled off almost instantaneously. It was amazing.

This was St. Mary's Life Helicopter. The kids liked it.

A really old plane, I think was WWII perhaps.

The pilots of a couple fighter jets. One was named Richard Woodward, and his call name, which was printed on the sides of the planes, was "Dickwood". We thought that was funny. They came from South Carolina (I think...or was it North?) stopped off in Atlanta, and then came here. There were 20 seconds late landing here because of the practice maneuvers of the other planes. 20 don'tcha just wish that all the commercial airline planes could be only 20 seconds late?
This one is "Dickwood". They were both very friendly and both from from Montrose.
This is Fat Albert. I'm not sure of his purpose, except to carry seriously heavy loads. It was huge.
And of course the reason we came was to see these amazing pilots fly these amazing planes. It is truly an amazing site. The precision of flying these machines, and the trust the pilots must have in each other is inspiring.

When I was a young kid, I wanted to fly a Blue Angel. Now I know there's no way I could do that, but it still is a wonderous thing to me.

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