Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Breccan's 3rd Birthday

Breccan's birthday party this year was a Cars theme. This is the cake that I made...I decorated all but the red part...I had my housekeeper, Lisa, finish it up because I was stressing out.

Jery and I got him this little tool table. He loves it. It is so him.

As soon as dad got over to our house, big surprise, he fell asleep. I am determined that I'll snap a picture of him sleeping every time. One of these days I'll put together a huge collage of him sleeping!
BayLea had a hard time letting Breccan open his present by himself. It's hard for little ones to understand!
From here on down my pictures are totally out of order. Blogger changed the way they load in, and I'm just now figuring out the method of madness. Anyway, we had a pinate for the kids to pull the strings from. They each got to pull two strings, and Breccan actually on his 3rd try, pulled the string that opened the candy! We had a lot of guests here, but I don't post all their pictures without permission.
Breccan and Laura playing.
These two are the pictures I took of them, and one like it of all the kids that came. They decorated little frames with car sticker and them I put their picture in it...
They really turned out cute!
Great Pa and the birthday boy.
My little man.
He loved blowing out the cake candles this year. Last year he was a little embarrassed, but this year he was totally into it.
I love this picture of Breccan and me. Our neighbor and new friend, John, took pictures. It was nice to have someone who knows how to run a camera, take some pictures!

Breccan got a lot of cars...
Chowing down on the cake. The cake was eaten all up this year. No left overs.

I think Breccan had a great party. He's a special little boy. We love him.

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