Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Patch 2008

We went to the pumpkin patch today. The two pumpkins the kids have already are from the little pumpkin patch at the Rowland Farm that BayLea got on her field trip there. We went to the 'fancy' patch out on K Road. We've been there the last two years for sure, and maybe the last three years. They've got it all decorated with lots and lots of pumpkins, little scarecrows and cute fall/halloween/pumpkin signs, and there is a corn maze.
Just after we got there, they both had picked out a pumpkin right on the edge of the patch. Practically the first one they came across.

Then they just started collecting pumpkins. I think the above picture is funny with all those pumpkins in there. They didn't get that many of course. Just the big one under Breccan's arms and the one in the far right corner.

They had a little place set up for pictures that a lady from a church put together to take pictures of her kids from Sunday school. I took advantage of that little area.

We dared to enter the corn maze. The kids had a blast. It was fun this year that both of them could run through it and have a blast. Last year Breccan was just a little young to go running around in there.

I totally love this picture of BayLea. She had peeked around the corner of that stalk, and I wanted her to do it again. This is as close as she could come up with, but I love it!
And this is a typical Breccan face. He was being 'scary'.
And off they go!
Breccan found this ear of corn, peeled it, and tried to take a bite out of it! Yuck!
And the last picture. We had a great time.

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