Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mini-shoot with Breccan for his 3rd birthday

Breccan and I went out to try for some shots for his 3rd birthday pictures and invites. The kid is hard to take pictures of right now, although I did get a handful of cute one out of about 125 images. Many of them are like the ones in this little collage. His faces...they crack me up.

Now to decide which to use for the invitation. Right at the end of the shoot, he found this stick that I couldn't get him to put down. Eventually he smacked me with it, and so I threw the stick up the hill. Boy, did that ever make him mad. He cried and yelled at me for a while. Then he started telling me that he was going to "tell my dad (as in MY dad, not his) that I threw his stick and for me not to do that anymore". I tried to tell him that Pa was my dad, did he want to call him? He was totally confused on that issue and ended up telling his daddy when we got home that I threw his stick, leaving out the part about him hitting it with me.
When we got home, BayLea was coloring in the garage at a little table. The light was beautiful! The front doors were open because Jery was working out there, and she was near the side window. Isn't she beautiful!?

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