Saturday, January 17, 2009

Birthday Party!

I CANNOT believe it but my baby girl is 5 years old. It seems as though it was just yesterday that I was bringing her home from the hospital. She was such a precious little baby and she absolutely still is! Her theme this year was horses, because she loves them! Last year it was unicorns, this year horses! Go figure.
We invited all the little girls from her preschool, plus a few from her daycare she used to go to, and some family friends. She had nearly everyone come. It was craziness, chaos, and completely fun. She had so much fun. All week we had been talking about how she had to make sure everyone that came felt welcomed and included in everything. And that she had to be sure and say hello to each of them, and ask them to join in into things if she saw they were feeling left out. She did so well. I was a totally proud mommy of her!
This is Gracie, one of BayLea's closest friends. She became good friends with Gracie like the 3rd day of school.

The singing and cutting of the cake.

Look at that face. She had such a good time!

And there's my little boo bear picking off only the frosting to eat and leaving the cake.
Sarah loved this little table.
And then the presents....and presents...and presents...and presents.... There were lots! I have a picture of the table full of presents but somehow didn't get it saved for the blog. I have no idea how to insert a picture here, so I won't try!

Pa made cotton candy for the kids, because I really didn't think that ice cream and cake was quite enough sugar. I had to pile on some more! But let me tell ya, this was the hit of the party. The kids all loved it!

After all that hard work of making cotton candy, Pa needed a nap (big surprise) and again, I had to take the picture. Like I said I'm going to make a scrapbook page of him sleeping at my house!
This is her Fancy Nancy outfit that she got from Gracie. It was a favorite of her gifts!

I love that girl!

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