Friday, January 2, 2009

Road Trip to Coolidge, AZ (first installment!)

The day after Christmas we headed on a looooong road trip to visit Grandma in Coolidge! We had toys, movies, and snacks for the road!
The first order of business when we got there was to hang out in the motorhome. The kids are a little fascinated with the whole moving bedroom thing.

I kind of like the lighting hitting BayLea here.
I loved the fact that the kids got to spend time with Grandma.
For Christmas the kids got the game Hungry Hippo. Why did they get this noisy, obnoxious game, Santa??? Why, why, why??? But they like it, and eventually they might be able to play it together and GET ALONG without mommy or daddy there.

We visited Grandpa while we were there in Casa Grande. They have a very nice house.

The kids were fascinated with the orange trees. I don't think they really knew where oranges came from before this trip.
We went on the golf cart to lunch at the 'lodge' or whatever it's called in a park like this.
Breccan loved Great Pa.

Here's another one of BayLea that I like the subtle light.
And I like this one because of the sun flare. Breccan and his faces though!


  1. It's just amazing to look at warm weather pictures when it's 13 degrees here! Nice shots!

  2. Great pics! Everyone looks so happy! :)