Sunday, January 4, 2009

Final Installment---Trip home from Coolidge, AZ--Meteor Crater

So on our way home Jery wanted to stop at Meteor Crater. Jery is fascinated with craters, and especially this one which has been featured in several movies. It was pretty cool. I'm glad we stopped.

This is a picture of the crater.

BayLea with a big meteorite.

And the crater. It is huge. The meteor hit about 50,000 years ago. I would have thought it was longer ago.

What is it about telescopes that fascinate kids? I remember being fascinated too as a kid. It's hard to see anything anyway out of these things, especially for kids! But they wanted to look and made sure they stood in line to do it!

And this is the view from the museum, and the road back towards the highway, AND really about all we saw all the way in Arizona. Quite the flat land, with a few bumps (rock formations, and mountains) along the way! It is a long, fairly boring drive from Coolidge back to Grand Junction. But we had a nice time and I'm glad we went!

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  1. I loved your pictures. I almost felt like I was there!!