Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Well, Christmas rolled around again! Unbelieveably, I was ready. Everything was wrapped and ready to go! I didn't plan on having the kids take naps, but they both fell asleep on the couch while watching Cranberry Christmas! That was good; they were able to stay up and happy for a little later that night.
Leah and the kids played and played. I love this picture of all three of them. It's hard to get any decent picture of Breccan right now. He is not into having his picture taken.
That evening, it was time for the kids to open their one Christmas Eve present...they were so excited...

But not so excited when they saw it was just jammies...
But we got a few smiles out of them anyway.

BayLea decided to give Ethan a big smooch on the cheek before they left.
Isn't this a cute one of them???
Mom and dad before they left.

BayLea in Pa's had a santa hat on it too.
Jason and his babies!
And the stockings were hung....well, not by a chimney, since we don't have one! But the wall works too!

And a Christmas story before bed.
The kids got up about 6:15. Not too bad, I guess, and totally normal. Our day usually starts this early! BayLea is checking out her stocking...
while Breccan plays with his cash register. He made out like a bandit in money and wallets!

BayLea got a FurReal horse. She loves it. It whinnies, and turns it's head. She can ride on doesn't go anywhere, but it makes the clippity clop sounds like it's walking.
Breccan got this really cool remote control dinosaur. He thought it was okay at first, but then he decided it was a little scary. That's too bad. I love it.
Breccan didn't leave his nice clothes on very long. He pretty much wore sweats all day.
BayLea wore hers though, and she was cute!Mimi and Pa, Jason and the twins, and Jennifer, Jason's girlfriend, came over for dinner. We had prime rib, mashed potatoes, corn, homemade bread, and green beans. It was excellent!
Pa, of course, fell asleep, and so I had to take the picture.
Mimi, Leah and BayLea working on dessert.
And then we opened presents again. The kids got scooters and watches and nutcrackers (I should take pictures of those! Maybe tomorrow).

It was over in the blink of an eye practically. It was a fun Christmas. Both of the kids were excited and enjoyed all their gifts and all the opening of presents. And both were healthy this year, for the first time! Yay!

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  1. Can you believe Christmas has already come and gone! It's a good thing for pictures! These are just wonderful.