Sunday, January 4, 2009

Coolidge, AR (2nd installment!)

So here's the 2nd installment of our trip. Man, I take too many pictures! Here's Grandma and Breccan enjoying a quiet moment during breakfast. Breccan was pretty tired the entire trip and was usually asleep by 7:30 p.m. But no matter how much coaxing we did, he WAS not going to sleep later than 6:00 a.m. The pool was a big draw for the kids. The water was so nice and warm. The first couple days though it was pretty cold outside and so swimming was not high on the list for daddy. Mommy just doesn't enjoy swimming...daddy at least will play with them while I walk around and say "careful, don't splash mommy in the face!" My mom made me have swimming lessons when I was a kid, and I'm so glad she did, but I hated them...every single second of it. But I can swim if I have to, but I choose not to most of the time. I can float on my back really well though!

This last day before we left town was warm. The pool was much more fun, for both daddy, and for me, who actually got in because it was too warm sitting on the side watching them (of course, I had pants on and a sweater!).

Grandma and Don sitting on the deck (not drinking beer, if that's what you think!) LOL!

Grandma and BayLea.
And I love this picture of Jery and his mom. Totally cute!
And this picture of all of them...although it looks like my color is slightly off. Dang it! I hate fixing skin tones. I suck at it!

These are Grandma's carolers that are out front of her trailer. Jack and Linda made them several years ago. We had a Christmas in July one year, way back when. This was while they were still living in the summers in Lazear. These were sitting out in front of their house in Lazear for our "Christmas in July" celebration. One of the gifts from them was a set of them. Jill, I think, drew the longest straw. While she was celebrating getting a set of them, the rest of us were bumming out. Then Jack went into his garage and pulled out a set for all of us! We were all thrilled and they are a staple in our yard every year.

This is just us hanging out the night before we leave. BayLea was playing her Leapster computer game, and we were watching Deal or No Deal.

And Grandma began playing the Leapster. She was totally hooked, and sat there for a good two hours playing it.
Just kidding! But she did play a couple games!
The next morning we left Grandma's about 8:45, I think. But we had a few stops to make...looking for Breccan's Broncos hat that we lost (we had to check a couple places we were the day before), we had to stop at WalMart and get socks and snacks, and water, and get gas. Then as we headed out of town, I decided I had to have a picture of the kids by a saguaro cactus. I'm not sure why I didn't take one any other time while we were there...I love these cacti! We stopped by the first one we saw, which has seen it's better day. We should have waited as there were lots more cool ones along the road. But oh well, I got my pictures.
The cactus hotel!

And here we are, finally on the road. It was a long driving day. We stopped at the Meteor Crater later on this day. Those pictures are the next intallment!


  1. Great pics! Those are some huge cactus!!

  2. You have captured love great memories and wonderful moments over the last couple of weeks. Bravo!!