Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Tomorrow is Jery's birthday, and so we celebrated tonight. We started out by making an EXCELLENT chocolate cake. Yummy, yummy. Then after a little shopping the kids decorated the cakes.
Check out the look of concentration on Breccan's face!

Tasty tasty!
Mom, Dad, Jason, Ethan and Leah came over. Jason wanted some family pics of him and the kids. They're aren't the best family photos, because we wanted to do them nearby and so we went across the street to the neighbor's house.

And here's a big surprise! While Jery was being sung to and opening presents, Pa....
slept. Uh huh, that's right, he slept right through it. Someday I'll scrapbook a page of him sleeping at my house!
Time to blow out the candles! Hopefully Jery is just getting ready to blow...
I love this picture of Jery and BayLea. She's so funny, she tells him it's 'a little machine for his truck!" and he hadn't even begun to open it.

And then I got some great pictures of Ethan. He loved my hat I bought on ebay. He wanted to keep it and I said "ABSOLUTELY NOT!" Mean ol' Auntie!

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