Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New York City Day 1 and 2

Our first night in NYC....we went down to Times Square...oh my heavens, there were a kabillion people there! It was hilarious. It was literally like you see on movies about nyc. People everywhere. What I think it amazing is that pedestrians don't get run over by cars more often than they do. They start on the edge of the sidewalk but by the time the walk light turns white, most of them are halfway out in the street! They just scoot out a little bit by little bit and before you know it they're in the middle of the street! So this is a picture of the crowds...it really doesn't show what it was really like. I wish I could have gotten up higher above them and take a picture!
The last time we were in NYC, we loved John's Pizzeria. So because we were STARVING...you know, no food on the airplanes, and no time AT ALL between flights to get food in the airports....we decided that we would just go there again because we knew it was good and we knew where it was. It was still fantastic pizza!

Here's our hotel. And below is a picture of the resident cat and her award she's won. It's a beautiful cat, very well cared for, and VERY mellow. She loves to be pet, but the rest of the time she just lays on her couch right next to the front doors and relaxes and sleeps. If BayLea had been here, I could just imagine how much she would have loved that cat!

The next day we bought double decker tour bus tickets. It was cloudy on this day, so my pics don't have a lot of contrast. We headed DOWNtown....toward ground zero and the Statue of Liberty the first day.

So here we are at the church, St. Paul's, across from Ground Zero. This is a place that still carries a lot of emotion for many people, me included. It's a place I could break down and cry. In fact the last time we visited, I did. This time I managed to get out without too many tears. These headstones are just OLD OLD stones, that even the words have been worn off. This church is where George Washington worshipped.
This tree stump is all that is left of a tree that was knocked over by a flying beam when the towers went down. It was the only damage at the church. No windows were even broken here, directly across the street from the towers.

I thought these were beautiful...they are origami done by children from Japan, peace cranes...they were beautiful and there were thousands of them all connected together in long chains.

A picture of a photograph taken on Sept. 11, or shortly thereafter that hangs in the church.
A little park down by Ground Zero. New York City has beautiful parks. Central Park is stunning ( more to come from there!)

One of the four waterfalls the New York City Art Commission built in the East River. Just amazing...15 million dollars to built. They pump water up from the river through pipes and it pours over the top creating a waterfall.

More to come...come back soon! :)

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