Friday, July 18, 2008

July 17th

This is why I hate titling these posts...these first couple aren't from july 17th. This first one is mom and Breccan coloring. I liked the shadows on this picture. They look hard at work. They have a nice north facing window that really throws some great light!
These two pictures are attack of the unshaven hairy guys!!! Ha! But I do like these pictures of both of them. My dad (above, in case you're wondering) and my husband, Jery, (below)! :)

I just love this one of Jery. He was posing for me for some pictures for my photog class. But I just like this one of him and the depth of field I got. He told me he felt like a dork, sitting on a chair in the middle of our cul-de-sac! I told him but of course he didn't LOOK like a dork sitting on a chair in the middle of our cul-de-sac!
This one of the kids might be slightly over exposed, but I just like it!

Now, I love this one too of Breccan, I don't get many of him, as he is TWO and always on the move. I wish, though, that the chair wasn't pink! I know, real men wear pink!
I thought these were hilarious pictures. BayLea was dancing in the street, and noticed her shadow from the sun...late evening sun, and loooong shadows. They danced for quite a while.

This one is my favorite of them dancing. Just wish I hadn't of cut of their toes!

Love all the different shades of this late evening sun! It's about an hour past bedtime though. We usually head up to bed for the routine at 7:30 to's about 8:30 now!
Aren't they just cute!!??? Especially when they're not fighting with each other!

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