Thursday, July 3, 2008

A few from Country Jam USA Grand Junction

This was the last day of Country Jam this year, and for the first time in many years I went to at least one concert a day. Luckily the first three days were VIP so I was able to get in out of the sun and could eat and drink freely. Sunday, this last day, all we had was general admission and we were able to take the kids with us. It was such a hot day, it seemed hotter than any of the previous days, but it really is hard to judge since it was general admission on this day. We did find a small patch of shade and we had our umbrellas to sit under. The kids had water bottles that they were able to spray each other with, and they got into a spray match with a lady sitting next to us. We didn't get to hear or see much of the concert we went to see, Joe Nichols, but we did have a great time.

That boy of mine has a difficult time looking at the camera...he really gets tired of me saying, "Breccan, look at mommy!"

The highlight of the day for all of us, especially the kids, was the Navy skydivers. We happened to have set up our seats right next to the area they landed in, and if people hadn't of crowded in front of us, we would have had front row seats. As it was, we ended up about three rows back, which was still pretty cool.

It really was cool to see them come down so fast and land where they wanted to! BayLea and Breccan loved it. The Blue Angels come to the Air Show this year; I guess we'll be going!

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