Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The twins are 13! OMG!

Okay, so obviously this first one isn't from their party...It's just a nice picture of mom and dad!
And so onto the 13th birthday party of Ethan and Leah's. I can't believe how fast time has gone. They've grown up so quickly. They're good kids and we love them.
Ethan doesn't usually let me take hist picture. Isn't this a nice one of him?
Mom and Dad got Leah a build a pearl necklace. She loved it. Every year for her birthday they'll add another pearl.
Jason got Ethan some golf clubs, which thrilled Ethan to death. Although I really think the whip and the blow dart gun were his favorite gifts. Jery and I and the kids got him a gift card to Borders and some cash. The kid is a reading machine! I'm so proud!
Jason got Leah this unicorn statue. It was very pretty, but it wasn't the one that Jason had picked out at the store. So they returned this one and got the original one.
We got Leah some make up and a make up carry bag.

Mom has always made two cakes for them. They each get their own kind, decorated like they want. Although Leah did want purple sprinkles, we just didn't have any.
Two peas in a pod! My little BayLea loves her cousin Leah. She may kind of drive Leah a little crazy, because she's always wanting Leah to play. Leah, being 13, doesn't always feel like playing. But she's very patient with BayLea and I'm so thankful!

Breccan was so cute. He told mimi, "my birthday was a long time ago."
So I never wash my daughter's hair and that's why it looks like this!!!! Ha! She had just had it washed the day before, so I'm unsure how they got it to do this. It was quite funny and BayLea LOVED it. She loves to make faces, which is what the rest of these are!

I just like this picture of Ethan. It was taken at Highline Lake. We spent the afternoon out there as a part of the twin's b-day celebration. We had just hotdogs and chips.

Breccan saw Leah laying in the sun and he joined her. He loves his Leah too!

BayLea is NOT a pop drinker. She hates it. So when Mimi handed her lemonade in a can, she didn't even know how to drink out of it! She learned quickly.
Jason rented a paddle boat for an hour! FYI an hour is tooooo long for a paddle boat! Especially in the heat! It was fun though. At one point we had to dump water out of it because it got hit with a few waves and filled up. When Jery got in to ride, it almost tipped over. So they had to pail out the water!

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