Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We got snow!

We actually got some snow! Maybe it'll even stay on the ground for Christmas! That would be lovely. In 42 years of living here, we've rarely had snow on Christmas.

I like this picture. I think I took 20 pictures of the two of them, and this is the only one that turned out!

My pictures are terrible...blurry. It was about 5:15 when I took these, and so on the dark side. Jacked up that ISO, and got acceptable, if not good, pictures.


  1. Wow! It looks like they had a blast! How fun. Merry Christmas!

  2. They look like they're having a blast! I hope we get at least a couple of good snows this year...we haven't had one in at least 3 years. I have a snow suit and boots going to waste! And if another year goes by, my son won't be able to wear it. I originally bought it for my daughter 3 years ago!

  3. fun shots!!! I'm so jealous of the snow!

  4. These are great shots! Oh, how I love the snow! Wish we had some in AZ. :)