Thursday, April 2, 2009

Playing with Taylor and Catie

We had a really fun time while Catie and Taylor and Auntie Julie were here. The weather was nice (it was the 2nd week of March and spring-like, and now the first week of April and we've got snow...go figure). The kids played outside at Mimi and Pa's a lot. BayLea and Breccan spent two nights there in a row! They love to play with their cousins.

Taylor started playing in this big water tin that the mules from last summer drank from. They had so much fun rolling it along.

Oh and the mud. My kids found where they could make GREAT mud puddles. I didn't think it was so great...
but they had fun.

Catie wanted to hear Pa play, and I was all for that. I don't get to hear my dad play enough any more. I love love love it.

Breccan loves all the guys in the family.

BayLea loves to pose. This was her idea, up on the truck. "Mommy, take my picture like this!" Do you like the regular color, or the faded color? (Yes, you could leave a comment!) :)

There are beautiful cloud formations on their property. I know the clouds are at our house too, but it seems like they just pop out over here more!

BayLea loves to help prepare meals, especially if it involves a sharp knife. She loves to feel like a big girl while she helps cut up cucumbers, while Mama sits on pins and needles waiting for a scream from a cut on her finger! Hasn't happened so far...knock on wood.

These two pictures were taken the morning the girls and Julie left. We needed at least one group picture. And look at my little man, smiling and all!

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