Saturday, October 10, 2009

There's Goes One!

I successfully canned my first applesauce BY. MY. SELF! Very excited! Okay, so mom helped via the telephone, but I did it by myself! When I was a kid, I thought my mom and grandma, and whoever else who was there willingly (I was there...not willingly) was CRAZY to do this. That it seemed like soooooo much work! It's not so bad! The making of the applesauce, yesterday with the kids, took some time, but the canning part went quick!


Unfortunately, I only got 7 jars out of the applesauce I made yesterday, so I need to make more. I have only 12 jars all together, so I won't make tooooo much more...

So there goes one!

PS So here's the "There Goes One" story as it's been told to me...(maybe mom and dad will comment on this and add anything needed to be added).

When dad began dating my mom, he went to their house one evening. They were sitting around the living room and every once in a while my grandma or my mom would say "There goes one!" My dad had no idea what they were talking about and would would whip up his head to see try and see what going by. Come to find out, they were hearing the popping of the jars as they sealed. I think he thought his new girlfriend and family might be a little nuts for a while!

So when my first jar sealed, I called my mom and said "THERE GOES ONE!!!"

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