Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Atlanta...

Oh my gosh, I think I'm done editing and posting to the blog! I took like 700 pictures or some such nonsense on this trip! These are the final ones from Logansville, I think! We went to a little town (can't remember the name...Jill, if you see this e-mail the name of this town). This is one of the towns that Sherman did not burn down on his way to the sea during the Civil War. So it has a lot of the older buildings you think of when you think of the old South. We had a nice dinner out on the sidewalk at a place called O'Hara's. I think I got some really great pictures...late evening light. Love it! BayLea and Auntie Jill. This was a good trip for my kids to get to know Auntie Jill, Uncle Scott and Aaron and Lacey.
Aaron and Lacey were sooooo good with the kids. They played with them and entertained them. I think Jery and I got the chance to actually talk once in a while to other adults!

I LOVE this picture of Lacey and BayLea...their eyes are almost the same color!
Beautiful pictures of Lacey and BayLea...

And there's my little man!
Our last day there we went out to test drive Scott and Jill's new boat! it was fun. We didn't get to be on the lake as long as we would have liked, but we had a great time while we were out there.
Breccan totally loved it, especially driving it.

The tubing was the highlight for BayLea. She sat back there screaming "Go faster! -- Go faster!" Totally my fear. She loves fast things...roller coasters, tubing...
Look at her face. Thank you to Lacey to take her not once, but twice!

Aaron got dumped one time! Hit a wave pretty good and tossed him right off that tube!

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