Friday, June 6, 2008

Dairy Queen and the Dentist

One day the kids' daycare was going to Dairy Queen. I just assumed it would be in the morning because that's when they usually take their field trips. I picked up the kids after they ate lunch and they had not gone yet. So we took a trip there. The kids each had a Dilly Bar instead of the usual cup of icecream with sprinkles. Dilly Bars always make me think of when I was a kid. My mom and dad would get us out of bed every once in a while and we would go to Dairy Queen. At that time, the only Dairy Queen was the one on North Avenue so it was a little drive. We would get Dilly Bars and sit outside and look at the motorcycles. The Dairy Queen then didn't have indoor seating. So I was excited that my kids finally tried my childhood favorite!

Aren't they cute? They were very good. When they are good, they are very very good and when they are bad they are "horrid"!!! You know, like the nursery rhyme.
Breccan loves bandaids. The one above was when he had a belly ache. He wanted a bandaid and he put it on his belly. The pic below was after he had a little fall and binged his nose a little.

BayLea's first dentist visit. The dental hygenist was amazed that I was taking pictures. I guess not many parents do that. But, they haven't come across me yet, I guess. I have billions of pictures of my kids doing everything under the sun!

She wasn't really excited to go, but she did really well. She got to pick out of the treasure chest afterwards and picked out a kite. Being the awesome parents we are, we haven't used it yet!
Dr. Blehm is very good. He's quiet spoken and very gentle. I think BayLea will grow to like him.

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