Wednesday, June 25, 2008

These are the rest of Minneapolis...

We headed to Mall of America that first evening for some amusement...!
This is a picture of the roller coaster Josh and I went on...The scariest part was the going up the vertical climb.
Two peas in a pod.
BayLea loves roller coasters. This picture was us just before we got on the Fairly Odd Rollercoaster. She had a blast. The first thing out of her mouth when we got done was, "Can we go again!?"
Even Breccan loved the log ride. He enjoyed all the rides he was able to get on.

There we are on the roller coaster...
Boo! This was the ghost shooting scary ride. Jery and BayLea went on. We actually went back to Mall of America on the last day because our flight wasn't until 4:30 or so in the afternonn, and we rode the rides again. Breccan went on this one then.

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