Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More from Minneapolis

We really had a great time on our trip to both Minneapolis and Atlanta. These are the Minny trip pictures. My poor kids got to have kazillion pictures taken of them for my photography class...some turned out great, and some just so so. This one was in Josh's backyard. I rarely get a picture of both kids together with both looking at the camera. I chopped off feet, but I like it anyway.
We spent one afternoon down at a festival at the Stone Arch Bridge Park. There was crafts and food and music.
Breccan really doesn't like things to be too loud and so while we listened to the music, he spent some of the time with his fingers in his ears. He also covers his ears if he is nervous or unsure about something, like riding in a van to the airport in the EARLY morning...

That's my little man! I have a ton of pictures of him with all kinds of expressions on his face. This is his Dennis the Menace face...his nickname while there because being two, he is always into something! He managed to play with cousin Catie's fish until it died.
Just cuddling with daddy...
I just love that picture of BayLea holding flowers...the fact the flowers are in focus and she's out of focus...BayLea got to help make pasta at the kids section of the festival. Unfortunately, they didn't get to eat any...too many little hands on it!

I just like this picture of Josh.
And I LOVE LOVE LOVE these of Breccan and Josh. Breccan loves all the men in the family and it wasn't any different during his time with Uncle Josh.

They're just so darned cute.
On Father's Day we went for a brunch on the Grand Duchess boat down the river. What a fun day!

Of course, I took time to take pictures using the techniques I am learning from my class. Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Ahhhh, cheese curds. I LOVE THEM! These were at a little restaurant bar we stopped at after the river boat ride. Tasty tasty.

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