Friday, June 6, 2008

Hanging out with Ethan and Leah

These pictures are all just a modge podge of days from the last few weeks. I don't like uploading images from my point and shoot for some reason. it just seems like there's a couple extra steps and I always hate the way the images look if they've been taken indoors. So's a glimpse into our lives these past few weeks. Mimi holding her little boy Ethan Robert. Ethan is growing up so fast...size 13 shoes already and he's not even 13 years old!
Here's dad's hamburger before he took a bite....
And yep, he can get it in his mouth...

Uncle and Ethan decided to shoot some hoops. I think Uncle won, although Ethan did pretty darned good.
We're going to make a cookbook for Leah of all the recipes she makes while she's here. So far we've made some seriously ooey, gooey, yummy brownies...
Some very delicious potatoes (some people call them Funeral Potatoes, but I don't like than name. My recipe says Delicious Potatoes. Totally unhealthy and fattening, and oh, so good!
We also made a strawberry spinach salad. Leah though they were okay, but not something she loved, so she and BayLea made a face for this picture!

Regardless of what they thought of the salad (Ethan HATED it), the rest of us loved it and there wasn't any left when dinner was over!

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