Friday, August 21, 2009

BayLea's first day at kindergarten!

BayLea started school today at LOM. She rode to school with me. As we drove up to the school, I began to tear up! I never thought I'd be a crier when my kids started school but by the time that school started, I had pulled myself together. I'm happy for her and her new journey in life. She's going to do well, I think!

Here she is in her new school clothes!


This is at the end of the day. Before the kids could leave the room, they had to point out a parent who was there for them. BayLea was telling Mrs. Bergen that her mom was there, and Randee was saying "Oh, the one with the camera???" Yep, I took 30 pictures this morning, just of going into the classroom and coming out! I have a problem...

***added later*** I got on facebook later this day, and Mrs. Bergen had written on her wall: I'm going to be the most photographed kindergarten teacher ever because I have BayLea in my class this year and her parents have already taken 1000 pictures!

Ha! That's about the truth!

And in front of the LOM sign.

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  1. Cameron gets to start preschool in a week. It sad to see them get bigger. :(