Saturday, December 20, 2008

BayLea's Pre-K Christmas Party

BayLea's preschool teachers had an Ornament Making/Polar Express evening for their party. We spent an hour there, snacking on a potluck appetizer table, making Christmas ornaments, and enjoying watching the kids have a blast! BayLea has made some REALLY nice little friends. I'm so thrilled that she makes friends easily, and that her friends are nice girls.

BayLea is making a snowflake out of beads. The finished products were really pretty, although BayLea was totally sidetracked with her friends, that she didn't actually finish hers.

My dear little boy was able to go too, as were all siblings.
He made an airplane out of a stick of gum, two lifesaver type candies, and a smartie. It was a cute little thing. He ate it later I think!
There it is, although it's out of focus. But I still like this picture of him!

The party also included babysitting services. Joy, Brandi and Brittani and others let the parents leave for two hours while they conintued their festivities! That was great!
***Some of my pictures are grayish. Sorry! I forgot to change some of them to web color!***

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