Monday, December 22, 2008

Tea Party and Candy Cane Hunt Party at Micah's

BayLea and I were invited to Anne and Micah's house for a tea party and candy cane hunt. BayLea was sooooo excited to get this invite in the mail. She was so cute! She couldn't wait.
We decorated cookies and little ornaments. There was hot cocoa and snacks.
The girls played for a little while. BayLea is posing here for me. It's hilarious. Not sure what the pose is, or where she learned it, but she looks cute!
Micah and her candy canes.
BayLea and Micah planning another little hunt, I think. They recollected some of the canes, and rehid.
BayLea's loot.

And this little girl is a friend of Micah's. I just love this picture.

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