Friday, December 19, 2008

Our little Getaway to Ouray, just the two of us!

Jery and I got away last weekend for a night. It was AWESOME! We stayed at the Weisbaden, our favorite place to stay in Ouray (although we have yet to try St. Elmo's). We immediately got in the hot pool, and then went down to the vapor caves. We came back to the room and ate some yummy snacks that we brought up...shrimp, crackers and cheese and wine. Later in the evening we ate at the Bon Ton restaurant and had very yummy food! The next morning we swam and sat in the caves, and then I got a wonderful massage! I was soooooo relaxed. Jery and I don't get away, just the two of us, enough. We need to be better at that! I like this picture of Jery because he looks natural! I was snapping pictures like crazy of him, of him making all his goofy faces and bug-eyed looks. Finally he laughed at me and I took his picture. So I love this natural picture of him.
This is me. Boy, I sure have one eye bigger than the other, don't I? I knew I did, but this picture sure does show it well!

The hotel with the pool in the front.

The kids stayed with Mimi and Pa. They trashed their house, as they always do, everytime they stay there. Mimi had crafts for them to do. BayLea is totally into that. I love the above picture and the one below, because I love the look on BayLea's face. She's a Mimi's girl for sure (but more mine!!!)

Hard at work!
Her finished product. It's pretty cute! Mimi let's her freely use glitter and 'stuff'. I'm not so free with that stuff because I HATE to clean it all up!
Breccan is getting tickled by Daddy!
More, more, more!


  1. Kelly your family has so much love and joy! You can see it in everyone's faces how happy they are. I'm glad you got away without kids, we all need more of that sometimes!!

  2. OOOH, I want to go there! It looks so beautiful. My kids call my mom "mimi" too - cute.