Monday, December 22, 2008

Build a Bear with Auntie Tina and Kaisha!

Build a Bear was Auntie Tina, Uncle Jamie, Jaron and Kaisha's presents to the kids for Christmas! They got the CUTEST little animals, with all the works (they spent too much on them! Spoiled kids!). They've got clothing, sounds, hearts, whatever else they could possibly get! Breccan's even has a little gun case (big surprise...see earlier post!). They also got to see Santa and got a Christmas ornament, and ate a pretzel. And for me, my gift was that I got two hours alone to make cookies. It was heavenly. And another present was that the kids were GREAT for Tina and Jamie. That made my day too. Cuz usually shopping with my two kids together can be a royal pain. Alone, they're great. Together.....ummmm... not so much.

Breccan was tired and was in a mood when he got home and wouldn't let me take his picture.

Thanks, Auntie Tina and Kaisha. What a great gift.

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  1. Looks like those gifts were a huge hit! And who wouldn't love 2 hours of kid-free cookie baking time?! :)