Monday, December 22, 2008

The Buckets Ornament Exchange

When I worked at Rocky Mountain, a group of us got together every month. I've never had so much fun. We would laugh, and giggle, and talk about everything under the sun. We called ourselves the Pluckin' Buckets. One of our members was our music teacher, and two of the other girls were taking music lessons (guitar and banjo). So we decided we should have a band. My instrument was the ashtrays (don't ask!). So each month we had 'band practice' which consisted of going to a bar, having a couple drinks, and talking. We did have song titles of future releases, and we took minutes on napkins of everything we discussed! (Captain, do you still have them?) It was soooooo much fun. I know it sounds really immature, but man, it was great. We also had nicknames. Jugs, Captain Nips, Niles, Yeasta, Baby, and MaDamn LePottymouth.

Anyway, we've all moved on to different schools now, but still at Christmas we get together for our annual Christmas Tree Ornament Exchange and Breakfast. Two of our members weren't able to join us this time, and we missed them very much!
This is Captain and Niles getting their morning drink prepared! Tequila Sunrises.

And then we moved on to Mimosas. (Okay, this sounds really bad, but no one had more than two drinks).
We drew numbers for the ornament exchange. Jugs here, our hostess, had number one. I think she cheated!
The presents to choose from.
We also decided that we would write one of those surveys that go around on e-mail, but this one would be Bucket-Style questions. You know that some were probably NOT appropriate to send aorund to strangers!
My ornament was CUTE CUTE! (see below). It was from Captain Nips, there in the background!
There it is.

And everyone else's ornaments.

And here's our mini-group. Curry (Baby Bucket) and Yeasta weren't there. I'm not sure why Yeasta didn't come, but Baby is now a principal (we're soooo proud) and she had something going on this morning at school. We have other group pictures from some of our earlier band practices...I'll have to hunt those down and post them later!

I love these gals. Thanks for a great morning!


  1. Great pics! I doubt I would have remembered Ruby's name was Yeasta. LOL! That was so much fun!

  2. I'm so sorry I missed it!! We weren't done until 6 pm handing out dinners. MAN!!! I hate when I miss it! When's our next "retreat"?
    Love Baby