Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Life as we know it...

Such beautiful hair...Lately BayLea has loved doing my hair. Can't say I love it as she pulls and twists and hangs it in my face, but hey, whatever makes BayLea happy! But anyway, she did my hair tonight. I think I must have had about 7 clips and barettes in my 'do!

This is Breccan with a thermos. This will probably be his new passion for putting things in, such as his "very expensive" keys, and his coins. He thinks that coins have a never ending supply and whenever he loses his, he just thinks he can get some off daddy's desk.
BayLea thought she should now dance for us in her ballet costume from last year, and her hair clip. She's so cute dancing around. I also love these pictures because of daddy in the background grinning with pride at her.

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  1. Even my husband has had to "suffer" under the hands of our budding hair dresser in years past! Great memories are made this way :)