Monday, December 22, 2008

Breccan is ALL BOY!

Man, is he ever! He's obsessed with guns, knives, tools, and keys. This is a darling little building set that he got for his birthday. I love it. I even bought more of the little tubes, and parts to make instruments out of it. However, the ONLY thing my boy wants to make out of it is guns. Great big guns. Great big guns with scopes and handles!
One of his cousins showed him how to make a scope with it.
Here he is just hanging around, looking cool, with his gun.

Uh oh, must fix gun! Gun must be in one piece! Maybe he'll shoot a cheeto (that's his word for's hilarious!)
And then there's my girl...this little smile is because I told her to say a boys name that she likes from pre-k. Yes, the crushes start at 4 and 5! Oh boy.

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  1. Love these! The one of him hanging so cool and the last one of her are priceless!